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National Foods – The Hing Specialists – offer a wide range of Hing in powdered as well as granular forms!

Ever since It started National Foods has continued to preserve the blinding force.a commitment that helped us keep our promise of purity and freshness in our products over all these years.

Our immense belief in the philosophy of trust,quality and reliability has enabled us to spread the rich indian heritage to thousands of satisfied customers. Asafoetida from National Foods. The nation's pride.Our pride.

National Foods is one of the few spice manufactures in the country to use a specific process called ' CRYOGENIC GRINDING '.

Cryogenic grinding involves cooling a material below specified temperatures with cryogenic fluid. Typically Liquid Nitrogen, saturated Vapour Nitrogen or liquid Carbon Dioxide is used as the fluid.

Advantages of Cryogenic Grinding are no heat generation,minimal residual stress,no clogging or gumming,Prevents oxidation,minimal loss of essential oils to help maintain aroma,taste and quality, lower grindding costs, more uniform particle distribution, fine grinding of difficult spices, provides clean and pollution free environment, Coarse particle size, Power saving, Approx. 2-3 time higher grinding capacity.

It is known by various names.But it has ONE, SOLID attribute. A spice that is simply "Priceless".

Food of the gods. Asant. Devil's dung.
jowami Badian.Ingu. TingStinking gum.Kayam.


Established in a pollution-free zone near Baroda , over an area of 40,000 sq.ft., the state-of-the-art infrastructure of National Foods is an epitome of manufacturing excellence. These facilities include India 's largest and fully automatic plant for Hing processing and an AGMARK approved laboratory with excellent control equipment for humidity, drying temperature, mixing time and machine operations. This infrastructure also includes a dedicated packaging unit comprising a wide range of ultra-modern packaging machines.

National Foods deffy inter-twines the twin domains of precise technology and human talent to create the country's topmost rang of Hing Products.


At National Foods, we believe that Quality is not just a management buzzword but a mindset that runs throughout the organization. Stringent quality checks at every stage of the production right from raw material selection, to processing, packaging, storage and final delivery – ensures contaminant-free products that are known for their freshness, aroma and flavor. The company has received ISO and HACCP certifications. State-of-the-art Cryogenic Grinding process is also in use for manufactureing high quality Hing. It is this penchant for perfection that has enabled National Foods to gain global acceptance and more importantly, a nationwide recognition as 'The Hing Specialist'

Premium quality asafoetida from National Foods.
Free of any pollutants.
Hing in its purest form.





National Hing Research Center

Hing has been used since ancient times as a remedy for many ailments and has been held in great esteem among indigenous medicines from the earliest times in india.Possessing antioxidant, anti-cancer and hepatoprotective [liver protection] properties the plant has a long history in chinese folk medicine and is in a genus of plants that contain more than 230 natural healing compounds. However, not much research has been conducted on this potentially healing spice.

The National Science Research Center is an initiative by National Foods that will focus specifically on the quality, research and food product innovative pertaining to hing or Asafoetida. Ancompassing the varied aspects of food science and technology the center will collaborate with scientists, research scholars, Government bodies and pharmaceutical companies to delve deeper into the vast reservoir of potential that Hing holds for the human fraternity. As a body of research the center will work closely with scientists and professionals in order to explore the uses that Hing can deliver in the field of medicine, especially in Cancer and Diabetes.

The objective of the Center are:

To extract and modify the components and sub-elements of hing that provide bio-functional molecules, and that which address key societal health concerns including cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and diarrhea amongst many others. To focus on the application of hing and its Impact on the tectural, techno-functional properties of food and its potential but undiscovered health benefits accruing to individuals.

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