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Our Story

Our Legacy

Established in 1970, as a traditional grinding mill by the Late Shri Punamlal S Joshi with a capacity of 10 kg per day over three decades back. National Foods has evolved into India’s first and largest Asafoetida processing plant, manufacturing premium quality asafoetida, with a capacity of over 3 tons per day.

hing(asafetida) lumps
hing powder

National Foods has come a long way. With 50 years of experience, Currently run by the third generation of the Joshi family, National Foods continues to build upon a legacy of trust, quality and reliability. These are the essential values that have empowered the growth of National Foods, and these very values will continue to guide its journey into global markets, with various varieties of ‘Asafoetida’ that have become synonymous with the exotic aroma, taste and flavour that they impart to the delicacies.

We are one of the largest raw asafoetida suppliers. It is supplied as a by-product and finished product both as per requirement in other processing units in the domestic market.

asafoetida powder

Our food philosophy

At National Foods, we believe in providing quality products and we are really proud of what we deliver because we provide the most authentic and genuine product.

We are passionate about spices and we believe in wholesome, nutritious ingredients. That is why we are committed to using items that are healthier for both our bodies and the planet.


We want to see the world unite by flavour which goes along with good health, better taste and viability.


We want make our presence globally and be recognised as the forefront of convenience foods.